What is a marriage? When you said “I do” did you think that was it? There was no more courting, dating, flirting that needed to be done? Were you expecting this magical thing called marriage to be full of all of these wonderful things? At some point, were you disappointed?

I’m guessing, if you’re still reading this, the answer to that last question is a big, fat YES!

Well, congratulations! You’ve come to the right place. Because I can’t save your marriage.

Wait, what???

If you can’t save my marriage, then who can?

Yeah, you read that right. I can’t save your marriage, and anyone telling you they can, or even worse, selling you something that says it can is full of shit. Marriages CAN be saved but, a marriage in and of itself is not something that anyone can say they can save. What I can do, what I know to be true and, the ONE way I’ve seen that saves more marriages than any other single thing is the one thing I actually can help save. And, it’s the only thing you should be focused on. Saving you.

Oh, no, here comes the spiritual woo woo stuff. Nah, not going to go there but, saving one’s self is the only thing you can do in order to contribute to a healthier, mutually giving, passionate relationship. Whether you’re legally married or not, healing and solving the long-term pain, issues, problems, expectations and other societal programming that have created unhealthy parts in each and every one of us is the single biggest thing YOU can do if you want to resurrect your marriage.

Wait, What?!?!

Here’s why this works. A marriage is based ONLY on what two people bring to it. Marriage is an empty box (click here for more on that) that gets filled by what is brought to it by the two people who are actually IN the relationship. These people bring their flaws and insecurities as well. It’s often these things that get magnified in the course of romantic relationships. These are our ultimate proving grounds and, unfortunately, we fail more than we succeed. So, what is it in a marriage that can be saved? The people.

You are here, you are reading this, you may (or may not) want to learn more, talk to me, become an exceptional man who takes charge of himself and how he relates and interacts to his world around him. Become a man who makes things happen for him instead of waiting for things to happen to him. Stripping away all of the false messages you have received over the years about being a “real man” will bring you back to your core, back to who you are under the pain, mixed messages, pressure, expectations and everyone telling you who you should be and what you need to be.

But, it’s not easy!

Getting there takes work, pain, honesty and going as deep as you possibly can, then digging a bit deeper. What lies there? The man you were born to be. The one who truly is happy in his own skin and brings a masculine strength built not on false bravado and “alpha” male crap, but built on love, peace and a spirit of calmness that can’t help but infect every single aspect of your life.

Will your wife notice? You betcha! Will she choose to stay in the marriage? Unfortunately, there are many men who have done this work whose wives chose to end the marriage anyway. Mine included. However, what was left when she did was a strong, confident man who stood tall in his beliefs, was there for his kids and was OK. No, he was better than OK. He was ALWAYS OK. Now, quite simply, he’s awesome. Sure, he was sad when it ended but, he’s better now than ever.

There have also been many stories of men doing this work who were able to resurrect a marriage that then became filled with mutual respect, giving and passion. These men are in exactly the same place as those whose marriages ended, their wives just made a different choice.

This is why I can’t save your marriage. However, I can help save you and that is far, far more important…

Let’s talk more about how I can’t save your marriage.

If you want to find out how I can offer this to you and feel what a powerful coaching experience is like, contact me today by filling out this form and getting in touch with me.


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