Working with Neal, Your Transformational Coach


What leaves you frustrated?

Is it a lack of love, connection, sex, money, confidence?

Is it too much stress, arguments, confusion, lack of direction?

What do you want out of life?

More respect, trust, affection, intimacy, money, clarity?

Well, if your life isn’t how you want it to be, you have only a few options:

Keep doing what you’ve been doing and getting what you’ve always gotten.

Complain, bitch and moan about how it’s always someone else’s fault.





Get to work learning new tools, techniques and processes whereby you can make real, long lasting, life altering change.

That, that last part is what you will get by working with me.

Working with me, men find a confidence and clarity they probably haven’t felt in their lives. They rediscover that cool, even slightly cocky man who was the one who attracted his wife in the first place. They develop a self-worth that comes from the one place that matters, who they know themselves to be. They show up in their lives differently than they ever have before. They tell me they can’t wait to share this knowledge with their kids, one of MY favorite parts about my progress, and they often lament that they wished they had know “this stuff” 10, 20 or even 30 years ago.

My Story

Grew up on Long Island, met the love of my life, a Swedish girl, while planning my escape to a life on the road with my dog.

3 kids, 3 countries, 2 bankrupt businesses and normal everyday life, all put a strain on us. It was too much and when I heard “I love you but I’m not IN love with you” it began my journey to learning, uncovering and creating a life lived, for the first time, on the values that I’ve always had but got buried under decades of conditioning.

I was the typical “nice guy” working hard to please everyone and hoping they would please me. I found validation in the way other people treated me, especially women. I sought happiness everywhere except the one place I needed to look.

Working with a coach, I’ve uncovered decades of messages telling me what I needed to do, have and be in order to be happy, be a “real man” and I always felt lost. Uncovering the man under all that crap was the single hardest, yet most rewarding thing I’ve ever done. And, I’m not finished yet. No, when you get a taste for this knowledge, you make it a lifetime commitment and I’m just as excited today as I was when I began my process.

Living in southern Sweden, I’m single, father to 3 great teenagers and am happier than I’ve ever been. My mission in life is to give other men, those who are struggling with their relationships, careers, health, direction, stress, you name it, the tools to build their own exceptional lives.

Transformational coaching didn’t save my marriage but it did save me. Reach out to me today to learn how I can do the same for you.

What’s it Feel Like To Work With Me? Listen to Some Men Who Have!

“…when we had our first chat, I remember a man who was lost, without appetite to wake up in the morning or do anything and the worst of all pitying himself and seeking pity from others.  With the help of our conversations I grew into a man where my life now does not depend on the decisions of others, but on how I choose to live my today and plan my tomorrow.  Looking back I am very proud of how I handled the situation, it was not easy but looking back I managed to be patient, calm and understanding and ultimately give my son his mother back and help my wife come out of a bad patch in her life, whereas if I had reacted differently only God knows.  Now I can truly say that I look forward to my future even although I do not know what it holds, but with the help of the coaching programme I am convinced that whatever is thrown my way I can handle it and make it successful, happy and fulfilling.”  MS – Malta

“I made contact with Neal and it was the single best thing I have ever done for myself in my life.

My first email contact with Neal improved my emotional state in so many ways. We then spoke for over one hour. This was an amazing and emotional time for me. Being able to talk with someone so knowledgeable and who understands your position is such an amazing feeling in itself. You will well-up in the eyes, but hey, we’re only human.

Neal has continued to support me during darker day’s but my confidence and self-worth have grown 10 fold. I call Neal the life saver because without his ongoing support and know-how who knows where I would be.” WM – Ipswich, Australia

“I just want to say how working with Neal was amazing and has changed my entire life. Neal really spoke into me in ways that challenged my old thinking habitats and beliefs about myself. His coaching is real, funny, and I really felt like I could open up and trust him. After his 90 day intensive course everyone noticed a difference in me, more importantly I’ve never been happier about me or my life. So Neal I sure love you man, thank you!” JE – Washington State

“1 month before my 20 year anniversary my wife told me she wanted a divorce… I was completely blindsided and crushed. I had never experienced this level of pain and hurt. We have 3 beautiful kids and what I thought was a fine marriage. I immediately began to search for anything that could help me navigate this uncharted territory. This is when I found Neal Greenspan.

 The most valuable thing Neal did for me during our first call was truly listen to me, and then through his own story, helped me realize that I was not alone. It was such a relief to talk with someone who has been where I was and had worked with countless men in similar situations. He is patient, understanding and insightful.

 If you are wanting to learn about becoming a “Great Man” and understanding yourself at levels you never knew possible, then you owe it to yourself to work with Neal.

 My favorite quote is “The system you are currently using is working perfectly to get the results you are currently getting”. I have said that for 10 years. With my marriage on the line I truly needed a new system and that meant obtaining new knowledge and then learning how to use it. Neal has that knowledge and he excellent at sharing it in ways that make sense. I am excited about the prospects of saving my marriage, however I also have a new found ability to accept the reality that it may not be possible, and I can now accept that.

There is an entire world of support for men that I never knew existed. You will be OK, in fact you will be better than OK. You will be able to conquer this challenge and be a better man. You can trust that Neal can help you through this just like he helped me.” JE – Las Vegas

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